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Originally Posted by Renbarg View Post
Just because someone has done it for a while doesn't make it smart. How long was hockey played before the first goalie wore a cage? How many years did it take for players to wear helmets?

The risk/reward ratio is terribly skewed for those choosing to not wear a cage for rec league. Whats the reward of going cage-less? You have better vision (I'd argue you get used to a cage mighty quick), and you look like a tough guy.

Nobody cares how tough you look and nobody cares how many goals or passes you make during a rec league game. You risk your teeth, eyes, nose for that? Come on.
And therein lies the flaw in your logic. You think we wear the half shield for looks. Looks have absolutely nothing to do with it. We do it because it is a huge difference in vision. Period. Some of us can't adjust to a cage.

And again, the risk is so minimal, it's ridiculous to even discuss. I've seen zero facial injuries on the ice but a number of blown knees. Should we all wear knee braces?

You guys seem to protest so much, I'm beginning to wonder if the hate stems from a little jealousy. Keep in mind, we don't care what you guys think or wear. Not sure why you guys care what we do.

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