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03-28-2012, 11:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Stickmata View Post
And therein lies the flaw in your logic. You think we wear the half shield for looks. Looks have absolutely nothing to do with it. We do it because it is a huge difference in vision. Period. Some of us can't adjust to a cage.

And again, the risk is so minimal, it's ridiculous to even discuss. I've seen zero facial injuries on the ice but a number of blown knees. Should we all wear knee braces?

You guys seem to protest so much, I'm beginning to wonder if the hate stems from a little jealousy. Keep in mind, we don't care what you guys think or wear. Not sure why you guys care what we do.
It has nothing to do with hate or jealousy. I just don't understand why anyone would take the risk of getting caught with a puck or stick in the face over a recreational activity/hobby.

That's great that you haven't seen any facial injuries on the ice and I agree that it's a rare occurance that it happens. However, if you become that rare occurance the odds become meaningless.

I liken it to people getting Lasik eye surgery. The odds are in your favor that the surgery will be successful. However, if you are the one that develops complications from it, do you really care that the odds were in favor of not developing complications. is offline   Reply With Quote