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11-17-2003, 03:23 PM
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The medium is the message

Tom, Stu is a fan who has been bombarded for years now with media stories on this subject. It's a testiment to how powerful the media is. We read at least three stories on this a day now and then we hear the radio idiots try and tell us what we read.

One has to start reading a story with the premise that it's distorted or you don't stand a chance. The only reason I can think of for this type of one-sided reporting is that the NHL is feeding business topics to sports reporters. It's hard to blame them really, it's not what they signed up for. Our Federal Liberals would drool at such a situation with the media, and they have it pretty well now.

I've taken to trying to find small nuggets in what the two sides are telling us, even if it's inadvertent from the reporter. For instance, I was blown away by a statement by Daly at the summit in Hull this summer. In a sentence buried in ten stories was the claim that he felt that the "perception" of competitive balance was as important as the real thing. What? It never got a word of further discussion.

Here's a story from a Philly reporter on the subject. It's mostly a fluff piece, the same as we've read for the last two years. But a paragraph in it talks about the two sides discussing 17 different revenue sources from hockey. Seventeen! Most of us have a handle on the 5 or 6 main sources, but I've never seen any of us approach 17. Try and get that discussion going on talk radio...

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