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03-28-2012, 11:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Epictetus View Post
There is no course to begin with. By all means, if there is one -- please share what exactly it is, and how it will be achieved so that one can see exactly how it is possible to 'stay the course'.

1) Is the course to develop legitimate NHL players that can make an meaningful impact? Haven't seen much of this considering the fact that 'bonafide scrubs' are playing over more talented, and youthful players. If a team is truly giving young players a chance, then they would be playing. The article sites the Rangers and Blues -- I don't see those teams blocking their talented young players with purposeless NHL players on a consistent basis.

2) Is the course to win the Stanley Cup? Well, this is only possible by making the playoffs, which has not been accomplished in 7 years. Can anyone say this current roster is close to that?

3) Is the course to make the playoffs? See above.

4) Is the course to do 1) and accomplish 3)? Well if it is then, this is at least 2-3 years away and how can Burke do it exactly, if his future will surely be at stake. If it's being questioned now, I can't imagine it lasting that long into the future when his contract is up.
The 7 year thing is has to be forgotten! Only half that time is attributed to Burke so bringing it up is pointless!

Burke's job is in no way in jeoprady and noone of any substance is questioning him. The only one;s questioning him are some clueless people here and some irrelevant rating-****** in the media! No oneof any say-so or intelligence believes his job is being questioned or in jeoprady!

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