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02-21-2006, 10:58 AM
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Rangers/Hartford for next year-who goes/who stays

Ivan Baranka D
Nigel Dawes F
Lee Falardeau F
Fedor Fedorov F
Colby Genoway F
Daniel Girardi D
Martin Grenier D
Alexandre Giroux F
Bruce Graham F
Dwight Helminen F
Jarkko Immonen F
Hugh Jessiman F
Bryce Lampman D
Dave Liffiton D
Thomas Pock D
Dale Purinton D
Byran Rodey D
Joe Rullier D
Martin SonnenbergF
Daniel Sparre F
Jake Taylor D
Craig Weller F
Chad Wiseman F

Al Montoya G
Robert Gherson G
Chris Holt G

Rick Kozak F
Bruce Graham F

Thats the current roster for Hartford/Charlotte. Now my questions are:
1--Who gets promoted to the Rangers?
2--Who comes to Hartford/Charlotte?
3--Who is dropped from Hartford to make room?
4--Who is dropped from the Rangers to make room?
5--Line combinations if you want.

Here's what I think:

1--Pock, Staal, Immonen, and maybe Dawes
2--Roche(h), Olver(h), Crabb(h), Moore(h), Dubinsky(h), Callahan(h), Potter(h), Guenin(c),Sauer(h), Walsh(c)
3--Sonnenberg, Rodey, Purinton, Fedorov, Sparre
4--not sure yet on who's dropped from the Rangers but Staal takes strudwicks spot.
5--i'll do the line combo's later.

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