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03-28-2012, 11:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Northern Dancer View Post
And how do you know this? Please share.
Watch last years draft and they alluded that other GM's are having a good time watching Burke squirm.

Originally Posted by arpa76 View Post
Stop reading Steve Simmons -- if you do, and take what he says as gospel, then you ARE NO Leafs fan. Simmons pulls stuff out of his you know where in order to come across as a viable journalist.
I don't read Steve Simmons. I have watched the Leafs for over forty years, I make my own judgments. When you have watched that long give me a ring.

Originally Posted by Leafsman View Post
Pot meet kettle!!!

In what fantasy land did you come up with the idea of other GM's laughing at Burke! There's a couple in Calgary and Anaheim that are likely not laughing too hard!
I don't make profound statements to the media, I don't even do that with my significant other unless I know I can follow through with it. Burke has done it from day one, from his first press conference to his last statement. All smoke but nothing to back it up. You think differently......than you are a naive individual.

He made a good deal with Ana, hell of players in Lupul an Gardiner.....Phaneuf is not bad for spare parts but where has the captain been all year? Where was he last night? Wow! That was such a great deal wasn't it?! Set us up to be contenders forever.....God some of you are blind.

Let's talk about the UFA signings he has made or throwing two first and a second, one which is a lottery pic at a perimeter player that will never be a franchise player.

Originally Posted by KuleminFan41 View Post
I'm sure the teams he beat to get his stanley cup sure are laughing quite hard huh? Lemme guess they dont count because the team was already there when he got there right?
Maybe. I'm sure the GM that put all the pieces there before he arrived had a lot to do with that but perhaps you don't know that. Who was the person that drafted Getzlaf, Perry, Gigurre signed Rob Niedermeyer and the whole cast of others. Burke brought Pronger, good on him. Rob talked Scott to play there, it was a dream the two shared to play together. Maybe if you been watching the Leafs backwards moves for the last few decades you might think differently.

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