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03-28-2012, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by HockeyGuruPitka View Post
Definitely not just you. I 100% agree. A good leader not only creates accountability among his teammates, he also must hold himself accountable. Phaneuf has a lot of holes in his game. He is not perfect to say the least; but is anyone really? The true testament of a good leader is the person who embraces and believes in everything you and management want to implement on the team. You need to be the most willing to learn, the player with the most heart, the player teammates look to for guidance, the player who steps up in the key moments in every game, the player that is able to come to the defense of those he leads. Somewhat like a captain in a feild of battle or the captain of a ship. The go down with the ship mentality, rather then jump on a life boat and head to safety ( as we have seen from him to end this season). Phaneuf lacks almost all of these traits. Its not that hes not a good player, he has the pottential to be a key peice of this team. However he is not captain material. I by no means want him traded, but i by no means want him being the leader and voice of this team for the coming years. He is just not believable.

In the game against the bruins Phaneuf turned the puck over at the blue line. Instead of skating as hard as he could to the puck, take a hit and make the play, he lamely attempted to create an interferance on the winger busting towards the puck and ended up getting cleanly beat. After this instead of pedaling down and busting his ass back to the net he coasted. This exact turnover lead to the bruins 8th goal of the game. A very telling play as to who he is as a player. Gave up on the game, ultimately giving up on the team. They zoomed in on his face and he was clearly seen mouthing the words " that was your F***in fault". Even though he was talking to the ref, it shows that he is not willing to be held accountable for his actions. This was and is a huge indication of the type of person and leader he is.
Well said mate.

This is then a true dilemma for this team.

Management + Coach Carlyle have to either A: acknowledge these facts & realise they ain't fooling no one & IF they do B: do something about it.

How can you take the captaincy away from Dion & keep him on this team? Can't have it both ways. If he had he captaincy stripped, man would that dressing room become ever more awkward. He has 2 more years after this on his existing deal. Basically, I reckon, major pep talk in the off-season, he comes back as captain...Either that or he gets dealt.

Hey if we sign Shultz & Suter ( ) why the hell not?

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