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02-21-2006, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by technophile
Exactly what I was going to say. Don't try to catch yourself with your hands (even if you don't break your wrists, it will leave your hands free to play the puck if it's nearby); try to "roll" with the fall (elbows and knees; those are your best protected areas, followed by hips and rear). If you go down in traffic, tuck your head down (chin against chest) to protect your face and neck.

Practice going into and out of slides; a lot of times, you'll either fall and slide, or you'll intentionally slide (shot/pass block, desperate lunge for a shot, etc) and getting back up quickly is a great skill to have. We do a drill occasionally where you start at the goal line, skate hard to the blue line, dive and slide on your stomach to the other blue line, get up, and skate to the other goal line. It's a workout.

Hey techno, I live in Austin too. Do you play at Chaperral or at the Expo Center? I go for my new player evaluation skate tonight at Chapperal. Maybe I'll catch you over there sometime. I'll be the one scoring with a wrister in tight...and then crashing into the goalie because I don't stop so well.

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