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03-28-2012, 12:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
You have to go one of two ways in an oligopoly:

- Price leadership, as in marketing a similar product with the lowest price. Usually smaller companies will do this, like Base and Harrow, although the "similar product" part is debatable.

- Product differentiation aka gimmicks. Everybody does it, some are good features (kickpoints, blade dampening), some are useless (holes in the shaft).

We'll have to see where this lands on the gimmick scale.

On the ice, it's overwhelmingly Bauer and Easton, with a pretty even sprinkling of other stuff. Few people are using high end sticks at my level, but the ones who do are usually not using CCM.
On my higher end team the guys prefer CCM sticks because they like the big slap shots (that fire high and wide half the time) and on my lower team they prefer Warrior because they don't break (and their equipment looks like it came from a hockey museum its so old). I stick with Easton, comfortable with the curve (Roy, used to use Gaborik and Coffey before that) but am currently using a Combat. If the CCM is priced in the general area of high end sticks I might give it a try but haven't liked their kick points for how I play so far. I broke a Thornton CCM passing a puck so that will usually make me not buy their product again.

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