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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
I don't have any fresh numbers, but last I heard 14 % more pts are handed out due to the three point games. In other words, 110 pts in <2005 are like 125 pts today.

You can't compare 71' and 94' number to numbers of today without adjusting them pretty heavily.
I don't think this is completely correct. If 14% more points are handed out, each team only has a chance at getting their hands on half of those (only one point can be gained by each team). 7% is more likely the adjustment...110 points before 2005 would actually adjust to 117-118 points today....This is of course counting all other things equally (teams play more aggressively in OT, so bad OT teams will lose more points over a season than those playing conservatively when ties existed and good OT teams will gain more points)

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