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Not sure who's judging. I just don't understand why you would take the risk of major injury to your face when the technology exists to completely protect it.

I'm not saying that nobody should get Lasik. All I am saying is that even if the odds are 99% that you won't have any complications, if you are the 1% the odds are meaningless. If you want to take the risk to get Lasik or play without a cage, feel free. Personally I'm not willing to take those risks.
Pretty much all the people that are saying "herp derp if you don't wear a cage you're dumb for taking risks" are judging and really getting annoying.

Everyone takes risks every day. Personally, I wear a plastic bubble when I leave the house so I don't get exposed to ebola and die. What, you DON'T wear a bubble? Why not?

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