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03-28-2012, 01:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Stickmata View Post
You really might want to think twice about getting in your car this morning.
This statement is very true. Everyone should think before they get in their car. Sadly few do and it's this complacency that leads to the majority of accidents. Hence the reason why most accidents happen within a few kilometers from a persons home.

If you'd like to dicuss risk in term of health and safety in more detail you can PM me.

Now on to your response and my original post.

It seems the point was missed and maybe I was not clear.

Nowhere did I say risk doesn't exist in life and nowhere did I say people can't choose what they accept as risk.

What I was getting at is risk is a function of consequence and likelihood.

I also was getting at the point that everyone has a different acceptable level of risk.

Sadly people get injured unnecessarily all the time because they do a poor job of assessing risk. Namely through the mentality that it's unlikely to happen to them and do not consider the consequence.

For me I where a visor. Namely because I could care less if I lose teeth. The consequence of getting hit in the mouth is not life changing.

The eyes are a whole other story. I personally would not be ok with the consequence of something happening to my eyes as generally it's severe and it is life changing.

I also find it funny that people will talk about wearing a full face shield/cage to reduce risk of consequences of getting hit in the mouth but do not consider wearing cut proof neck protection in which the consequences are infinitely higher.

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