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Originally Posted by Clipitar View Post
Thing is, while I don't personally like the tone of my fellow Habs fan here, NYR fans aren't really discussing in this thread. They are praising McD, which is fine because he's really, really good. But the arguments articulated against Subban (not specifically by you) display a total lack of knowledge about his game. Therefore, it just tells me most NYR fans argue over McD's superiority based on Subban's HF discourse rather than actual level-headed observation.

McD has been in the Habs system for 3 full years, and I'm sure many Habs fans have continued watching him closely (as myself) because how highly Timmins initially advertised him when he got drafted. So basically, I think there are more Habs fans (not all, obviously) who have a far more legit assessment of McD's game than the opposite. Add to that the fact so many people hate Subban in an awkward passionate kind of way, and you have the right ingredients for a discussion that brings a very scarce amount of valid arguing.
I don't believe this for one second. People who might watch McD now and then probably won't be impressed, you really have to watch him every game to realize how steady and skilled he is.

He made a pass on the game winning goal last night that was commanding. And this isn't uncommon for him. Kid is not only as steady as they come but he is extremely smart as well and rarely does anything stupid.

I don't care if he was in the system, i highly doubt people are following McD on a regular basis. Maybe stat-watching but for a d-man like McD that means very little and truly shows why so many Habs fans feel the way they do.

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