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03-28-2012, 02:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Clipitar View Post
How exactly am I doing selective reading? I'm basically pointing out the obvious. You said it's ridiculous to argue one is clearly better than the other, then you go on and say one is clearly better than the other.

Nobody is clearly above the other based on both this season and the previous one. The Rangers are lights out this year, so this can be argued in McD's favour he's the best D on one of the League's best team or to his disfavour NYR have a much, much better and deeper D-corps this year, which gives McD some good reliable support.

If we agree that Gorges is Girardi's equivalent this year, albeit not as successful, then you have to realize Subban has to pretty much fill the role of both McDonagh and Del Zotto. It's fine, because it fits well with his all-around upside, but it sure is a ton of workload for such a youngster!

I don't think this debate can go anywhere until we wait and see how it unfolds in the next couple of years.
I'm not saying one is CLEARLY better than the other in the overall sense. I'm saying THIS SEASON, McD has been the better d-man.

Maybe you're just misunderstanding rather than choosing to selectively read. Because no, I don't think one is better than the other. But i do think McD has been better THIS YEAR. Which i think most non-biased people would agree.

Maybe Subban has more responsibility, but honestly, I find that hard to believe considering McD logs just as much ice time on a team that is MUCH more competitive.

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