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02-21-2006, 01:46 PM
Larry Melnyk
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Originally Posted by Kodiak
How has Hartford been fantastic for his development? Immonen started producing the minute he was sent to Hartford and has scored at a fairly steady pace since then. Wouldn't that imply Immonen could have done the job from the beginning?.
It doesn't imply anything about what he would do in the NHL..Sometime scorers in the A can't do anything in the NHL or are better suited as checkers/defenders in the Bigs...By many accounts, Immonen has battled consistency problems, but has often displayed a well rounded game as he develops in the AHL as he gets used to the NA rinks and game

Originally Posted by Kodiak
I don't think that Immonen was in direct competition with Moore and Betts. Moore and Betts are basically defensive centers. Immonen is an offensive center. But Rucchin was handed the 2nd line center spot, so Immonen had no real shot at making the team out of camp. Even if he outperformed Betts and Moore, he would have been sent down because Betts and Moore filled the 3rd and 4th line roles better.
He sure was because, like you said, Rucchin was guaranteed a slot be it a 2nd or 3rd C slot..Being that both Betts and Moore outplayed Immoned and were deemed more ready for the NHL then Jarko, Jarko was sent packing and Rucchin became a 2nd C (which he wouldn't have if Jarko was ready to assume 2nd C spot)

Originally Posted by Kodiak
I'd also argue that Immonen, like Prucha, does not really need "development" in the usual sense. Immonen is 23 with years of elite league experience. His skills and hockey sense are already developed and well polished. What he needed to do was learn the ins and outs of the NHL game, and he cannot do that in the AHL.
Sure he can, it's a simialr type of gamer and he can get accustomed to the somehwhat more physical play then he was used...I'm not saying he couldn't have played in the NHL this year, but Hartdord has been good for his game...And it's not like he's tearing the league apart (Yake awy 1 game and his goal production goes down 20%)

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