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03-28-2012, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I think PG has proven himself to be quick on the button.

Lappy had a chat with him, gone not too late after.
O'Byrne had a chat, same thing, gone the next couple days.
We have a poor start, record wise, but we actually dominate teams, pressure from media, Pearn fired.
Things improve since the horrible start, slightly back to over a .500 record, media keeps pressuring the coach for the boring games, Martin gone.
Cammy calls out team and coach for poor preparations, gets traded soon after.

I think PG has shown he is a very panicky coach. There's too many instances for them to just be coincidences.

What truly should have happened is foreseeing the possibility of missing Markov as well as Hammer, and so, going after a tough minutes Dman in the off season for depth. Not firing Pearn, not firing Martin, trying to find and actually PP shooter if the problems would have persisted as they have all year.
We'd likely be in a PO spot right now.
I agree with the general idea of your post (this team was not far - a tough minutes Dman in the off season... - away from a playoffs spot: they somewhat overreacted) but I would not label the Lapierre and O'Byrne departures as panic moves.

I read (I don't remember where... maybe Gagnon's blog?) that Lapierre said **** you to Martin in front of everyone in the dressing room. The way I see it, from Gauthier pov, it was Lapierre or Martin. Your head coach versus a support player... despite the fact that I disliked Martin (passivity everywhere), it was an easy decision.

The Gill's signing caused O'Byrne departure... too bad because I was hoping for a 3rd pairing of Gorges – O'Byrne.

PS Lapierre was mad because Martin gave his even strength TOI to Pyatt and his PK TOI to Cammalleri. I miss him: he was a perfect pest and a relentless forechecker.

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