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Originally Posted by Derby View Post
Feeling a rant coming on, but I'll try to be contain most of it. I am tired hearing from the very same folks who were pushing the "fail for Nail" tank movement and getting pissed off if we won now bashing the team since they've finished a convincing 30th. You got what you wanted. If they had finished ANY higher these past two months I swear some posters would have formed a protest. Protest is all the rage ya' know.

It is this same bunch of posters who will be croaking and moaning through the 3-5 year "rebuild" they lobbied so hard to get. Be careful what you wish for. You think we are bad now? Wait...

My evidently naive and optimistic fan nature maintains a hope for a win EVERY time they hit the ice. It is not my nature to encourage a "fail".

My ticket buying loyal seat-sitting self hopes and prays that Nash somehow stays so I can still see him play at Nationwide. If not, I wholeheartedly thank our Captain for his service to this franchise and the pleasure of watching his level of skill represent our city.

I love my team. I love hockey. I'll be there AGAIN, cheering for the CBJ.

(gearing up for attack from the anti-butterfly and puppy crowd...)
I think you miss the subtleties of the situation.

1. No one wants their team to finish 30th on day 1 of the season. At least, no one I know. So, saying that people wished for us to Fail for Nail is somewhat misleading. People wished for us to get the #1 pick once it became abundantly clear that we were not going to attain our real goal--making the playoffs to have a chance at the Stanley Cup.

2. Given #1, no one is happy with the result of this season. Would the pragmatic amongst us have been less happy finishing 29th rather than 30th? Sure. But you are talking a marginal difference. No one wants to see there team lose. Let alone lose enough that they are drafting #1.

3. Personally, my ability to stomach a 3-5 year rebuild is largely determined on who is in management from the top down. If it is the same bunch of losers (president, GM, scouts, etc.), yes, I probably will find it hard to sit quietly and hope that come year 10 the result was different than year 5.

I love my team too. But wanting to make lemonade out of lemons does not make the bitter taste any more palatable as the fifth glass goes down my throat.

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