Thread: Speculation: #1C no longer a top priority?
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03-28-2012, 05:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Chainshot View Post
Yeah, they need a guy who can handle tough defensive minutes and keep up. I don't care if the guy is a physical defensive type or a smart/quick defensive type, just get one. Nielsen would've been a good fit in the smart/quick category.

Dom Moore is out there and in a 3/4 and PKing role, has a track record of shutting down guys in the playoffs. Hell, he was good at that HERE, despite the bum wrist.

Back toward the #1/top 6 type player conversation:

I'm not sold that they could take 1 year of Roy and flip that for some sort of upgrade at center. It would likely be a lateral move, someone who's also had an off-year and likely on a longer deal in a straight one-for-one. Is that worth it right now? Maybe -- depends on the player. Jame threw Bolland's name out there -- that's a guy they could target since the Hawks could use a legit 2 behind Toews who could fill in when Toews is invariably injured (and a guy on a relative bargain cap hit too).

The Pens have no reason to deal Staal. Similarly, Phoenix has no reason to deal Tippett's favorite Hanzel. Stastny has come on again, but now Duchene is hurt/having an off year. Duchene could be the guy to target there -- still has serious upside and once he's healthy, could be a STUD in the middle and there might be enough of an issue with him being in Sacco's **** house again to warrant at least kicking those tires hard.

Kopitar's been mentioned -- Lombardi may want to shuffling things up even more but Carter's playing the wing with Richards instead of center, so it would presuppose Carter shifting back into the middle AND Lombardi being willing to make that move.

It seems a better bet right now is to use the chips they have in this draft to move up for the long-term stud pivot. That's where most teams land theirs, then they develop and hang onto them.

I still think Plekanec is a perfect fit, and one that is probaly available. I think his playmaking and style of play would be lethal between Vanek and Poms. His playmaking skills are great and his defensive play is severely underated IMO. Anyone remember when he and Dom Moore smothered Crosby and Malkin into a playoff defeat? He's really only one small notch below a Selke candiate.

I would do something around Roy and Weber for Pleks or a package of non-roster/ depth assets/ picks (think Adam, Weber and CGY's 2nd). Montreal might not bite, but I think between availability, skill set and need for a strong defensive center Plekanec would be an ideal target

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