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Originally Posted by poetryinmotion View Post
You implied it in your answer, obviously.
No I didn't. You're assuming things that didn't happen.

And the second part is ********, Rangers fans have been as bad if not worse in this thread, my reponses have been accordingly, go read the previous pages in case you haven't been following.
You know nothing about the Rangers and their players and their is evidence in the thread.

And what facts did I misinterpret exactly? I know you like to believe that McDonagh is your #1 defenseman but TOI and usage proves you otherwise. Did I pull that out of my ass? It's clear as day. If I were to ask Tortorella he'd say the same.
Richards on the PP comment for one.

Assuming that Del Zotto has been just as valuable as McDonagh is laughable to say the least.

And if he was a two way defenseman like you are suggesting (because clearly I don't know what kind of defenseman he is, having followed him as a prospect throughout his development here, right? right?) then he would be getting powerplay minutes instead of you having a forward on the point.
Brad Richards is a top 5 PPP producer in the league since the lockout, all of them from manning the point. Richards has a LHS, Del Zotto also has a LHS. This speaks volume of the depth that the Rangers have on the point for the PP, not for the lack of offensive talent McDonagh has.

I don't care if you would trade your whole team for Subban, I wouldn't ever deal him heads up for McDonagh and no Habs fan would.
Cool story.

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