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Originally Posted by LatvianTwist View Post
With your (I think they were yours) points on how if Benn had lost a year, he'd have a much better contract, and as well as this going with the theme of trying to build from within, I think you're absolutely right.

I really don't see a negative to Smith losing a year of his ELC. Sure, we're losing a year of him cheap, but if he does follow Benn's course, it's only a positive. It's a risk I'm definitely willing to take, though.
Credit that to glovesave. I agree with him that it's more than reasonable to believe that it could happen, but I don't actually ultimately believe this is how that will play out. I feel like this will like play out like James Neal bridge and ultimate major deal. Hopefully the bridge negotiation won't be as contentious as Neal's, but Reilly Smith IMO clearly has the potential to match or exceed Neal's production in Dallas.

Originally Posted by piqued View Post
Expecting Smith to follow Benn's development curve is wildly optimistic.
I would say it's a bit too optimistic, but he has a much better foundation than James Neal in other aspects of the game.

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