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03-28-2012, 08:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Stickmata View Post
For the minute, I'm going to leave out the fact that your a goalie so you may not even know of which you speak in terms of how it affects a skater...the simple answer is because the reward in terms of massively improved vision and fun it addes to the game far outweighs the miniscule risk of a serious injury to my mouth/jaw. I take way more risk in other endeavors I engage in (see my avatar), hockey is the least of my concerns. Driving to work is more risky than playing beer league hockey with a half shield.

And, at least for some of us, the difference between a cage and half shield is huge. I've tried to wear a cage, repeatedly. The negative impact on my vision, especially peripherally, is terrible and not worth the benefit IMO.

To each his own.

BTW, those of you who fog up your shields, have you tried the Oakley shields? I sweat like a pig and my shield never, ever fogs.
Per activity time I wouldn't be surprised if hockey was more "risky".

I haven't used the Oakley shields but I have used the Oakley hydrophobic drops to prevent fogging and it works great.

I also use the blue stuff I bought from hockey monkey.

I sweat way more than anybody I've met. I'd put $100 down that I can out sweat anyone here and I rarely have problems with fogging my shield.

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