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02-21-2006, 05:27 PM
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Originally Posted by nrf83
You make it sound like a bad thing when we resign Rozsieval. I think its good. He's only 26, good all around Dman. If Pock, Rachunek, Lampman or any other Dman cannot beat him out, TS.
And if they can? Considering that the camp that Lampman and Pock had was at a minimun as bad or good as Rozsival's was. Please let's recall that the first three months of the season, Rozsival was widely considered the worst defenseman on the team.

Don't go overboard on this rebuild, young guys still have to play NHL hockey. These things have a waty of working themselves out at training camp.
Sure it does. By having deserving would-be rookies sent back to Hartford. Like the case this year.

IMO your one vet to many theory doesn't wash. D looks like: Malik, Kasper, Rozsieval, Tyutin, Staal, Rachunek and let everyone else fight for last spot.
It begins to wash when you have a UFA defenseman brought in, which would leave no room for anyone not named Staal.

I like that D.
You are certainly entitled to your opinion. I would prefer to upgrade, which, given some of the names you name, is pretty easy to do.

No need to spend $6-7 mil on Dman. Financially does not make sense.
It makes perfect sense. First of all, if you are not signing Redden or Chara, then you are not signing a defenseman for the amount of money that you are claiming. The Rangers are around $5m under the cap. When Rucchin & Poti come of, that is another $5m. Plus, presumably the cap will increase around $2m. Use the money and upgrade the place where you are the weakest at. And there is no place more mediocre than the starting defense.

We both agree that Chara and Redden are staying put. I'm guessing so is McCabe. So who is out there as a UFA that we need so desperately; I'm saying Baranka, Pock, Lampman can all fill the need for 6-7 Dman.
Who is a defenseman that would represent an instant upgrade over what is a pretty mediocre defesnse? You named McCabe. But you forgot about Jovo, Witt, Mitchell, Norstrom, Gauthier, Morris....etc....
And you cannot develop players by having them be the 7th defenseman. That is what Strudwick is for.

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