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03-28-2012, 09:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Drmckool View Post
And Cito Gaston will once again be the manager.
I can see it happening like something out of pro wrestling. The Jays are losing and Farrell looks defeated and despondent watching from the bench. Then all of a sudden the Rogers Center lights go out, and the music starts up. Then in a blast of pyro, Cito emerges from the tunnel. Cue Buck in the broadcast booth:

"Mah Gawd! It's Cito Gaston! Cito's BACK! Cito Gaston!"

Lawrie is at the plate and he looks back to see Cito. Cito points and nods, and with that, Lawrie turns back to the game and knocks the next pitch out into the topmost glass of Windows Restaurant. Jays win. Everyone goes nuts...

I have no idea what possessed me to think up all of that. I haven't even watched wrestling in like 10-15 years.

Maybe it's lack-of-baseball madness.


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