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03-28-2012, 09:31 PM
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Originally Posted by habitue View Post
Henry is a mediocre, AHL level d-man. No more, no less. he has been UFA almost every season in the last 6 or 7 years and NO other organisations cared to sign him to a NHL contract, even if he is gigantic, couragous and a leader.
It's interesting to see the number of responses to a speculative topic like this. PG obviously has not given us fans much to get excited about. One thing for sure the reporter is very accurate on the strange events this year all credited to PG.
Having read all the posts and having watched Henry for the last four years one thing is obvious, most posters know little or nothing about Alex or the game itself. I'm not suggesting that he is a permanent fixture for the Habs D, but he is certainly more than his detractors are posting about him. He isn't the swiftest but it's more a mobility issue not straight speed. He rarely gets beat wide or caught from behind moving the puck up ice, unlike some of our prospects. People here would have you believe that he gets beat all the time. I know it's the AHL but it doesn't happen.
It is a joke that someone would suggest that he is not smart in his play. He makes good decisions with the puck, always has himself well positioned to use his size to win battles, is like a coach on the ice directing the play and ensures all know their assignments prior to the face offs. The younger guys are always talking with him getting direction.
The comment about not being a first pairing is true during the season when our prospects are getting the big minutes. In the playoffs it's a different story. He usually plays against the top offensive guys, ask Jamie Benn, Ville Lieno or Justin Abdelkater how they liked playing against him. As for being an UFA with no interest, before he signed his last deal with the Habs there were three other teams interested in him as well. Granted as a depth guy, his only mistake was picking the Habs.
All that being said, he will not be called up as the article suggests, it is too unusual even for PG. Also, IMO and as I've posted in other threads this will be his last year with the Dogs. It's a question of bodies and $'s to be saved and we all know which way PG and Molson will go if there is a buck to be saved.

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