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03-28-2012, 10:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Huffer View Post
Is there anyone who watches the OHL and Kitchener specifically who could fill me in on Sol?

The guy is 6'4", and 215 lbs by HF's info. He could be bigger now, I don't know.

His stats this year were:

GP Goals Assists Points PIM
62 15 23 38 180

And right now he has 4 points in 3 playoff games. I know that is not a tonne of points, but I think that's pretty good for a guy that's 6'4" and could be a physical force. Is this year discounted because he turned 20 this season and in the CHL? Considering these numbers and his size, I am wondering if there are any massive holes in his game because from the outside looking in, it's seems weird that he isn't even in our top 20 for prospects.

Is he on the radar for the Ice Caps next season?
Cody Sol is already signed to a contract by the Winnipeg Jets. He will for sure be in the mix in St. John's next year. Let's keep in mind Sol is not 20, he turned 21 in February. He was an overager, he is expected to dominate in juniors. You see this often where a guy who had 16-19 year old years with 5-15 points breaks out huge as an overager. He will have a decent chance in St. John's though.

Right now the Jets have Redmond, Melchiori, Chiarot, Sol, O'Neill all signed for next year. I imagine Negrin will be back as he is an RFA. Both Kulda and Postma are RFA, but both are waiver eligible and expect at least one to be in Winnipeg. Not to mention Festerling(RFA), Meech(UFA), Ramsay (AHL contract) and DeSantis (AHL contract). The competition will be fierce for playing time in St. John's next year, interested to see how things develop.

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