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Originally Posted by FreeBoomer61 View Post
anyone else notice nash is wearing two different jerseys with different styled "C"s on the front? they showed a close up of him in the second with the C outlined in silver (like the number font on our thirds) and later in the third, the outline disappeared (like the NOB).
I'll be darned. I didn't notice it, but I'm watching some of the broadcast and yeah, there it is. I half expected it to be stylized like the C on the early promotional image but there it is, bold and with the outline, nothing like the NOB font or the early promo, but more or less the same as what's on the home and aways.

This looks a LOT better, IMO. I hope they do this with the A's and C's on all thirds from now on.

Looking for pics of the usual "C", I found pics with the thicker C with the outline as far back as the 2/12 Anaheim game, which he also wore both:

I wonder when they started and why they don't do the A's this way too. I'm too lazy to go back further than the 2/12 game but I bet it started post- ASG. Weird...great eye, UnionBlue.

As to switching jerseys, Nash wears at least two if not three per game. When they had the jersey sale, there were two each for Nash for home and away. I think mine from last year is #2.

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