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03-28-2012, 10:49 PM
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I've seen this guy over 20 times live and I always come away a little bugged about his lack of aggression for a 6'4" guy but he offers too many tools and too much poise not to gamble on. My friend who comes to games with me can't stand his passive nature. Unbelievable skater for his size who rarely panics with the puck always makes good simple plays, couple that with good offensive instincts. He will be able to play on an NHL powerplay one day.

However, the lack of aggression for being such a big guy honestly scares me a bit - I like to see d-men being physical, nasty, mean and competitive. Sadly, this is a bit stereotypical and narrow-minded on my part. Maybe it's because he's Canadian I expect that from him. His temperament is actually very reminiscent of a Swedish player and I really don't want to hold it against him but it never fails to bug me just a little. Sometimes when the game comes this easy to a guy he might not have the right passion level. I remember watching Cam Barker in junior and it was always as if he was so relaxed out there and now in Edmonton it just looks like he's braindead.

In my opinion, his floor to ceiling is one of the widest ranging I can think of for these top tier d-men.

Downside: Ty Wishart
Most likely potential: Braydon Coburn
Upside: Tyler Myers

These kids are only 17 you have to remember, you never know if/when they're gonna figure it out. I'm not holding his temperament against him because he has an unbelievable package of skills, but I'm not completely shutting down the notion it could affect him in the future. One thing I buy into is his pedigree, he has his dad to talk to about being a pro and he's been groomed since he was 5 or 6 years old to play in the NHL.

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