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11-17-2003, 05:10 PM
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Originally Posted by PecaFan
Total points is meaningless though, if you want to compare conferences. An Atlanta/Tampa game tells you nothing about Vancouver, Edmonton etc. Compare the head to head East vs West records only.
That was my point. Back when every NHL game was worth exactly two points (either two for the winner none for the loser, or one each for a tie), at the end of the season you needed only subtract one conference's total points from the other and the difference would be the number of points one conference earned at the expense of the other - the differnece would define the won-lost record of all Campbell-versus-Wales games that season. The in-conference games would iron out (because each conference played an equal number of games in-conference and each game awarded that conference exactly two points).

That 'simple math' doesn't work anymore because an in-conference game no longer always results in exactly two points in the conference. An in-conference game *can* award the conference three points. Thus, you can no longer derive the cross-conference record from simple point comparison.

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