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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
I like Timmins, but the 2006 draft was 6 years ago. If players break into the NHL 7 or 8 years after being drafted, then they are not successful draft picks.

I make an exception for Mathieu Carle. He may have been a good draft pick, but he got a lot of serious injuries, so it's not a strike against the scouting and development staff.
Don't get me wrong, that draft will always be a fail. IMO even if a player ends up having some success 6-8 years after being drafted (as a 24-26 year old) it shows that the scouts were at least right enough to see NHL talent. I rather have very slow developing eventual NHLers as our busts than players that never see a NHL game.

Originally Posted by OneSharpMarble View Post
If you can't see the difference between dumping our best prospect without so much as one NHL game for the worst contract in the league VS getting a 2nd round pick for a 3rd line player then you are beyond hope.

PG is a ****ing godsend compared to gainey.
Please don't act like you were perfectly fine with Gainey before the Gomez trade...are people really willing to wait until Gauthier does his own rendition of the Gomez trade (which he was a key managerial member for but of course it means nothing to you) before finally realizing he's not a good GM.

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