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02-21-2006, 09:07 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
If counting every single minor leaguer as a legit prospect makes you feel better, by all means go right ahead. However, there are only so many minor leaguers that I consider "legit". If you want to get yourself excited by Falardeau, Grenier, Walsh & Jonasen, please don't let me stop you.
I guess I just do not consider every single minor leaguer as a legit prospect. Every single NHL team can make the same claim you are.
I don't consider Grenier, Walsh or Jonasen as prospects. Falardeau may become a Betts. I don't think he will be much more than a PKer, 4th liner. But again, I never thought him to be more than that when he was drafetd. The upside was suppose to be a Joel Otto. I don't think so at this moment. He has improved since his college days. He has less offensive duties this year with Hartford then he had last year with Charlotte. Grenier is a career minor leaguer. He is on Hartford to prove toughness. Walsh and Jonasen I don't think should be signed.

So you are no longer confused here is a list of my prospects that belong to the NYRs that I follow:

1 D. Moore (NYR)
2 Lundqvist (NYR)
3 Blackburn (retired injury)
4 Tyutin (NYR)
5 Murray / Hossa (NYR)
6 Lampman
7 Zidlicky (traded)
8 Hollweg (NYR)
9 Falardeau
10 Guenin
11 Taylor
12 Crabb
13 Prucha
14 Jessiman
15 Baranka
16 Potter
17 Dawes
18 Furrer
19 Holt
20 Marek
21 Montoya
22 Korpikoski
23 Olver
24 Graham
25 Byers
26 Dubinsky
27 Bahensky
28 Ryan
29 Paiement
30 Petruzalek
31 Staal
32 Sauer
33 Cliché
34 Dupont
35 Pyatt
36 Russell
37 Immonen
38 G. Moore
39 Pock
40 Lampman
41 Callahan
42 Helminen
43 Liffiton
44 Kozak

7 are either in the NHL or we traded, either way I don't consider them as prospects any longer.