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03-29-2012, 05:26 AM
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Playing with bruised ribs

Last Friday, during the 3rd Period of my game, I was carrying the puck by the right circle. I had the defenseman beat on the play and was able to get a good shot on goal. The defenseman in an effort to knock the puck away from me, dove to try and poke check the puck away.

Well, after my shot, he's momentum took himself into me and i ended up being "low bridged" basically flying over top of his body onto the ice. When I hit the ice, I ended up landing directly ontop of the blade of a stick into my rib cage. Basically, i was impaled by the stick in a sense.

Well, the next day I still had a big soreness in my ribs from the blow. So the doctors did X-rays and didn't find anything broken in there, diagnosing me with a rib contusion (bruised ribs). I'm on medication to reduce the swelling currently.

Now this brings me to my question for anyone whose had this injury before. I have 2 games Saturday night. In the first one, i'm the goalie and right after i'm skating out at center. I'd like to play these games, so does anyone have any suggestions on anything I can do to possibly put over the ribs, or something. Also, How long did it take anyone whose had this injury to get completely over and did you play at all with this injury?

Thanks to everyone who responds or even reads this in advance.

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