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03-29-2012, 08:20 AM
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Originally Posted by wadesworld View Post
One thing I've been wondering about.

Our team seems to consistently have issues with crisp passing, fanned passes, missed passes, fanned one-timers, fanned clears, etc.

I'm sure hockey players are taught to keep their head up, so they can focus on their target, make sure there's a shooting lane, and not get drilled by a defender. However, it's made me wonder if they're not focusing on it a bit too much. Like other sports, wouldn't the right thing be to look the puck onto your stick, and then look up?

I realize they're professsional hockey players and some will probably make disparaging remarks that I'd wonder such a thing. But, as I watch us miss and miss, I can't help wondering.

Anyone else ever wondered if we're not looking at the puck enough?
Have you ever played yourself?

You look at the puck when you recieve it. But then you feel it on your stick(they still glance at it to make sure it is there) you don't need to look at it when you pass it or shoot it, unless it is a one timer. You also look at it when you dangle.
And if they have any issues, it is not because of head been up, it just pure skill luck...

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