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03-29-2012, 08:35 AM
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Originally Posted by lorwood View Post
No doubt his assessment was off. But the county has to borrow the money and the only way to pay back the debt is to raise taxes, so the perception, right or wrong, is that, once again Joe middle class gets screwed.
Its hard to believe, but Joe middle class benefited from lower taxes for a decade while others (people, companies, whatever) overpaid.

This is just further proof of how ****ed our island is financially. We overspend like its Regan years. Our counties, local governments and school districts are bleeding money in more ways then anyone could imagine. The entire system needs to be restructured from the ground up.

But it wont be.

Instead you will continue to see your taxes go up every year. While claims like this come out every now and again, further pushing us into a worser recession. Keeping the so called middle class clawing for an extra buck to cover the costs of living.

This is the life of a long islander.
Live with it, or leave for a better life.

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