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02-21-2006, 11:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Jagr68NYR94Leetch
Ivan Baranka D
Nigel Dawes F
Lee Falardeau F
Fedor Fedorov F
Colby Genoway F
Daniel Girardi D
Martin Grenier D
Alexandre Giroux F
Bruce Graham F
Dwight Helminen F
Jarkko Immonen F
Hugh Jessiman F
Bryce Lampman D
Dave Liffiton D
Thomas Pock D
Dale Purinton D
Byran Rodey D
Joe Rullier D
Martin SonnenbergF
Daniel Sparre F
Jake Taylor D
Craig Weller F
Chad Wiseman F

Al Montoya G
Robert Gherson G
Chris Holt G

Rick Kozak F
Bruce Graham F

Thats the current roster for Hartford/Charlotte. Now my questions are:
1--Who gets promoted to the Rangers?
2--Who comes to Hartford/Charlotte?
3--Who is dropped from Hartford to make room?
4--Who is dropped from the Rangers to make room?
5--Line combinations if you want.

Here's what I think:

1--Pock, Staal, Immonen, and maybe Dawes
2--Roche(h), Olver(h), Crabb(h), Moore(h), Dubinsky(h), Callahan(h), Potter(h), Guenin(c),Sauer(h), Walsh(c)
3--Sonnenberg, Rodey, Purinton, Fedorov, Sparre
4--not sure yet on who's dropped from the Rangers but Staal takes strudwicks spot.
5--i'll do the line combo's later.
God this is a tough call. I think there may be a few sleepless nights trying to make some pretty difficult decisions. Here is how I see it:

1) I think very few guys make the big club if the Rangers progress this year continues. People continually rag on the Rangers "D", but it is hard to argue with real numbers....and our blue line has that in their favor. Staal and Immonen have the best shot, but it will not hurt Staal to stay in juniors another year. If he makes it on shear merit fine, but it should not be pushed. I'm also not so sure Rucchin is gone. Especially if he continues to play well and then has a good play off. Remember, he's played hurt all year basically. Still, Immonen really deserves a look. G. Moore is my dark horse surprise to make the Rangers next season. The kid has good size and speed and could just bull his way onto the team.

2) I'm pretty sure Olver has one more year at NMU, and Sauer is back in juniors next year. This won't hurt their development and would give the Rangers more time to fit them in. Guenin(H) Crabb(C) Potter(C).

3) Agreed.

4) I'm not sure about this one at all. The whole team is playing very well and at this point it is too hard to call. If the team has a great season and then follows that up with a good to great playoff run.... well anybody coming in will really have to earn it. That is a good thing. The tougher it is to make the team, the better it will be.

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