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03-29-2012, 09:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Franck View Post
At least past a million inhabitants.

I don't see why the NHL would be interested in moving or expanding to another small American market when there are much larger markets like Houston and Seattle left without a team.
Remember that you can't confuse "inhabitants" with "hockey fans". Omaha strikes me as the sort of place where hockey cold sell itself. While I'm not denying that Houston and Seattle have some appetite for hockey (I can't comment on how big that appetite is), they seem to be places where the fanbase would need some cultivating.

There's also the issue of ownership - Les Alexander doesn't seem to want hockey anymore, and I don't think anyone else in Houston has stepped up. In Seattle, hockey just seems to be along for the ride in the quest to justify an arena for a new NBA franchise. Obviously nobody in Omaha is presently clamouring for a team either right now, but if someone came forward, it would be smarter to pick up the phone for the guy from Omaha, rather than keeping the line open just in case the guy from Houston/Seattle tries to call.

If there is anyone in Omaha that's looking to bring the NHL to town, I'm sure they're watching the Winnipeg situation closely. If the Jets stay sucessful beyond the five years of ticket packages that sold faster than it took for me to write this sentence, I think that could really open the door to markets that were once thought to be "too small".

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