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03-29-2012, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by trueblue9441 View Post
right because at the same time earlier in the season when we sold our tickets we paid 200 each for for 75 dollars a piece, where were all the people screaming for our heads then? do you complain when you can get yankees or mets tickets for pennies on the dollar from stubhub? guess who owns those tickets.. its give and take and the market goes both ways.
simple supply and demand.

Also, be careful what you wish for. The Rangers could eliminate brokers from the equation very easily by simply pricing all their seats at FMV. You don't think the Rangers know that 400's start at $150 a piece on stubhub? Of course they do.

What is to prevent them from saying "1st round 400's are $125 each for STH and $150 through TM). They could do that, but chose to not to.

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