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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
It's like wearing a helmet on a motorcycle. Some people just cannot and will not do it and would rather not ride. Others would never think of not wearing one and wouldn't ride without.

At my level I think the most serious injuries are crashing into the boards (spine) and concussions, neither of which are preventable by the gear you wear. Some guys have gotten broken ribs or fractures from pucks or contact, but that's not as bad.

Although we have had at least a couple guys who have died on the bench with heart attacks (not my team, my league). One of them was in his 30's with a young family. Very sad.
Agree, but the motorcycle is an imperfect analogy, because the probabilty of crashing and needing the protection is higher and the downside of not having said protection is much, much greater.

In the last two years, I've seen two heart attacks, a broken leg, a broken hip and two blown ACLs on the ice. Not a single facial injury. That said, I just mounted my cage to a different helmet to see if it makes a difference in how it works for me. Not all that hopeful about it though.

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