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Originally Posted by struckbyaparkedcar View Post
I'm bumping this because Regehr currently leads the team in qualcomp while maintaining a GA/on/60 of under 2.

Bust city.
too bad his offense is so inept that his overall +/- is -0.55.... meaning, the end result of 60 minutes of Regehr ice time, is the Sabres losing... (not a necessarily a bad thing, if the team is winning the other matchups like we are doing in the 2nd half with new found offensive depth)

GA Regehr ON ice : 1.99
GA Regerh OFF ice: 2.25

GF Regehr ON ice : 1.44
GF Regehf OFF ice: 2.72

The Sabres are -0.55 when he's on the ice, and +0.46 when he's off

again, Regehr is not a bust, the trade was not a bad trade...

In comparison :

Sekera is 2nd in QoC. but has a much lower QoT then Regehr does.

GA Sekera ON ice : 2.04
GA Sekera OFF ice: 2.33

GF Sekera ON ice : 2.50
GF Sekera OFF ice: 2.27

The Sabres are +0.47 when he's on the ice, and -0.06 when he's off

Another interesting statistic, Regehr has the 10th worst relative Corsi in the NHL among defensemen (-14.2). Remember, this number is relative to the rest of his teammates. (Sekera Rel Cor is +8.9). As for the Standard on ice corsi, Regehr is a team worst -11.24, meaning over 60 minutes of ice time, the sabres face 11 more shots then their opponent, this is good for 15th worst in the league among defensemen with more then 40 games.

A low relative corsi is indicative of a lack of puck possession and offense. And we should expect that since we know Regehr has aboslutely zero offensive skill, a lack of skating ability, and the offensive awareness of Brad Brown.

What bothers me most, is that the amount of shots on goal he gives up, with his relatively low level of blocked shots in comparison. He barely cracks the top 100 defensemen in blocked shots... that's bad.

When Regehr is off the Ice, our shots against go down, our blocks go up, and our shots for go up.

The stats don't lie though. Regehr is playing a shutdown role, seeing the big matchups, and he's a big part of the success we are having defensively... the caveat being, that he's a massive handicap offensively, and his style leads to a high level of opportunities against... however it seems those opportunities are of the minimum quality variety.

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