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Originally Posted by Cliffy1814 View Post
I'm familiar with it, but we're comparing apples to oranges. The high end seats at Yankee stadium aren't exactly for the "common fan" and that was what this discussion was about.I'll go with it though and use your example to make my point.

The Yankees have made a very concious decision that brokers are not going to make money off of them (not their only motivation) They would rather sell for exorbinant prices to some and have empty seats than lower cost, sell all the seats, and have brokers make money off of them.

That was where my "Be careful what you wish for statement" comes from. The Rangers could do this as well if they chose to.

BTW I think they would sell 2000 seats in the 400's @ 150 a pop pretty easily if they chose to for playoff games.
And, that is why the Yankees are idiots and you can get tickets for cheap. Even the cheap seats. My brother in law does it all the time. He will buy seats on stubhub at 3 pm the day of the game for $3 each, $5 each. Last year, he got upper deck seats for a game against Boston for $20 each.

I was making up numbers for the example as far as the 2000 seats scenario. Bottom line, they are not selling ALL the 400 seats for 150 each, wont even come close to selling them all, not for the first round. Secondly, just because the tickets are listed for $150 each on stubhub, doesnt mean they are selling at that price.

If you ever want to see a game of chicken when it comes to secondary market, follow stubhub for the 2 weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, including Super Bowl Sunday itself. If you check hourly, you will see the lowest tickets available drop about $5 each per hour.

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