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02-22-2006, 06:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola
Everyone is getting down on the details on these hits. A fact are that Kaspar was almost standing still when he hit Marshall. Ruutu couldn't have made a harder hit if he wanted to.

Ruutu had allot of speed and really tried to hurt Jagr. There is no doubt about that. Nobdy can deny that. He defenitly targets on Jagrs head and rotates his upper body so that Jagr will hit the wall head first. The reactions from some fans here when they say that it was a clean hit is a all-time low mark for these boards in my perspective. Anyone who knows just alittle about the game would tell you right away that it was dirty.

If the rest of the players at this level had the same judgement as you guys and Jarkko Ruutu we would see 10 players leave every game with concussions.
Check the poll boards. Majority (albeit small one) sees the hit as clean.

Ruutu didn't kick extra speed, he hit him from the side arms down, shoulder-to-shoulder. Jagr was along the boards with the puck so he was legal target.

Yes, Ruutu tried to hurt Jagr but didn't mean to injure him. And that's the basis for 99% of the hits in the NHL.

Sorry but there are several very respected hockey people who have already called Ruutu's hit techinically clean. And they most certainly know more about hockey than you ever will.

What is really low is the crying & whining when the most damaging aspect of the hit was the fact that Jagr put his head down split-second before the hit making his head hit the boards and then his paper Jofa cutting him open. No matter how much you hate Ruutu (and you swedes hate him with passion, I know), you can't fault Ruutu for either of those.

Why is that not A SINGLE Ruutu-basher here has put any responsibility to Jagr for playing with that antique helmet, illegal by IIHF rules??

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