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03-29-2012, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeymass View Post
The easy answer is to just spit numbers off the chart at you. According to the chart, a Bauer 9 is equivalent to an Easton 9. The real answer is that there are a LOT of factors in play, and you really can't make an accurate judgement unless you try them on. Even different models from the same manufacturer can fit differently. My old skates are CCM Pro Tacks, size 9D. My new skates are CCM U+ 06s, size 8.5D. Both fit great front to back with good heel lock. According to the chart, based on my shoe size, I should be in a size 10 skate.

You really can't know without trying on.
Thats pretty much what I figured, I was just hoping someone had personnel experience with the two brands

I wish they could just set up sizes that every company would go by and that they would just stick with that, ha but thats a dream that will never happen.

Its a good thing though cuz it is keeping me from just buying skates off the internet when I shouldn't be spending the money

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