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11-17-2003, 06:09 PM
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Originally Posted by JimEIV
Go back and read ealier post konowalchuck was address by me.

1. Colorodo was trading out of necesity after Kariya went down, so they might have slightly over payed

2. All colorodo gave was a mid level propsect (even though Johansson was a first rounder he really hasn't been tearing things up in junior) and a 4th/maybe 3rd line player in Battaglia.

When Conroy is traded that is the type of deal you're looking at.

Again save the post and lets read at the deadline, When Conroy goes for a pick and a prospect (or a lessor regular) come back hear and say I'm sorry.

So to attach names to the kinda deal I'm telling will happen would be Berglund and 3rd for Conroy..... Not much more than that. If you think you're gonna get a top 6 forward or a marque prospect for an UFA, let me try some of the stuff you're smokin.
No, I want to know what you're smoking.

I'M THE ONE WHO SAID CONROY WON'T NET A 1st ROUND PICK (the equivalent of a potentially top-six player, either now or later) OR A MARQUEE PROSPECT. You claim that I said he WOULD net that.

What are YOU smoking?

Battaglia might now be a 3rd line player, but there is a handful of teams that would love to get him. The guy was traded for Vrbata only 8 - 9 months ago - his value hasn't dropped significantly, if at all. The guy is still young, and still has upside. Obviously, because Colorado traded for him only a relatively short time ago.

You know what? You're right - we will see. I'm not expecting the world (like you ignorantly claim I am). but I trust Sutter will get a decent return for him.

And again, the Konowalchuk trade arises. I don't need to go through it again, but I do think that you underrate Battaglia and Johansson.

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