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Originally Posted by Humpty Dumpty View Post
First - you need to improve how you talk to people. This is a message board where ideas are exchanged. If you want to contribute anything you will need to be respectful of divergent opinions... otherwise you will just be a blowhard and no-one will pay you any mind.

Back on topic... he won a cup almost 15 years ago. The NHL has changed. Bob is not a General in this era. He is a staunch defender of his players and a team guy to a fault....

Today's league is a different animal dominated by individualism. The modern era NHL requires guys who are flexible enough to work in this environment.

I say that is not Bob. If you want someone to stand-up for someone to stick to their principles and plans ... then that guy is Bob.

I'll be more polite when you stop spewing condescending nonsense.

Individualism?? It's more team-system-oriented than ever. In the "modern" NHL Gainey had turned the late 1990s loser team into one that reached playoffs 6 of 8 seasons, a 1st place team in 2008 and an east conf final team in 2010. I guess that was just good luck for gainey the dinosaur or something according to you?

Originally Posted by Joe Cole View Post
Perspective is something, eh?

That said, I hated every moment of the Martin coached era. Boring non-physical hockey. Worthless press conferences. Grinders on a pedestal.

The playoff wins with Halak were nothing to be proud about, they were the definition of ANTI-hockey in my eyes. I know I would not feel satisfied after a win like that. Collapsing around the goaltender, defending for 50 minutes.... bleeh...
Goaltending is part of the game. The Capitals stars were their forwards, the Canadiens' star was their goalie & well disciplined defence. Teams play to their strengths.

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