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02-22-2006, 11:31 AM
Larry Melnyk
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Originally Posted by jas
For better or for worse, this team is now a "victim" of its own success. The flourish before the Olympic probably solidified in Ranger managements minds that they are a legitimate Cup contender. And, even though I have long been a big time proponent of the "rebuild" mode with which this organization entered this season, Ranger fans would have to be foolish to not expect Ranger management to pursue the Cup with a few well-placed moves. Now, I don't expect any of the top prospects, or this year's #1 to be dealt. But, I would expect certain players where the Rangers have depth - Dawes, Pock and Immonen come to mind - would be available in the right deal. I don't think this would be a betrayal of the rebuilding program, just the expected fruit of accumulating assets, and legitimately developing players. I also do not expect the Rangers to blow up their carefully constructed cap situation, either.
JAS-MAN...I agree 100% with this line of thinking and that in your following posts..You can't ignore the chance the Rangers have this year and refuse to shore up the weaknessed but you also also can't abandon the rebuild..Personally, I think they are in the situation where, if done smartly, they can accomplish both...We shall see...

Originally Posted by True Blue
Here is where you and I part ways with our thinking, Larry. I do not think that it is proper to develop an offensive player like Immonen on the 4th line. A prospect like him should be handled better than 5 minutes a night on the 4th line, with Ortmeyer and Hollweg as your wings. That is not a place for someone we consider to be a top-6 prospect.
Put the kid into a position to succeed and get confidence.
ANd if he's shows he's simply not good enough (or better then Moore, Helminen) in pre-season to be a full time 50-60 point NHL 2nd line C, would you be happy with him spending another year in Hartford?

It wouldn't bother me, but I thjink it might be better for both him and the Rangers if he's worked in gradually from the bottom 2 lines..I see nothing wrong with that and again, the composition of the 3rd and 4th lines for next year is not written in stone and I would bet a candidate or two is dealt or dropped..

Eh, we just see things differently on this...That's cool Lotta valid points on both sides..

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