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03-29-2012, 04:37 PM
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Originally Posted by iArts View Post
Gus and Reimer both have around the same numbers this year. Gus = worst goalie in the NHL. Reimer = messiah.
Always easier to win an argument if you make it up.

I'm pretty sure the last time someone thought Reimer was the Messiah, it was last season.

Still your made up argument proves what I've been saying all along.
Gus at his best has been marginally better than Reimer at his worst.

It is too bad though because I think Gus seems like a really good guy, and he has gone through a lot at a young age. I still think he is a victim of circumstance. He should have had a two way deal and started off in the AHL instead of being forced to try to solve the Toskala problem. He was rushed into too much pressure too soon. I don't disagree that he might do much better elsewhere. I doubt he will ever be a top 10 goalie or anything, but I think he would benefit from a different (and smaller) market.

Last thing on the goalie situation...more and more I think a veteran has to come via trade. I'm just not very excited by the UFA's available, and I think Burke will be desperate to make a big splash with a big name. Otherwise we all better pray Reimer IS the messiah.

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