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Originally Posted by thesnake View Post
I'll aim high..

The perfect off season would have every player on the NYR roster getting a day with the Stanley Cup...
This ^, of course, but to get there ASAP, IMO:

1. To CBH F Dubinsky+ Christian Thomas +
To NYR D Dylan Olsen, F Mark McNeil
[Ideally also a swap of this year's firsts, but that wouldn't get done, but this core does.]

2. To Edmonton, Girardi + Sauer (as is) + Boyle for #2 overall 2012 + Tyler Pitlick
[There is thought they'd consider Staal for the that pick, but would want more or at least conditional pick(s) etc if he's not back from concussion SUFFICIENTLY. Rather than have that complication, expect they will cave and take Girardi +.]

Alternatively, would do Girardi alone for the 5th/6th pick overall from Toronto.
Not clear Leafs will definitely do that.

3. By all means add Schultz.

Draft carefully, Sign FAs carefully.
If we have the 2nd pick we take the consensus pick what's his name Grigrenko(sp) with hope he comes up from Whale by end of the year at latest. Otherwise, just best available + let Gordie work his magic.

We have moved 2 good guys but obtained 8mil ish in cap space between them.

Lose Zuccarello, also a good guy, not enough speed to cut it w/small size.

Lots of room for lots of flexibility and additions as opportunity presents

Assuming NO Parise, No Suter, etc. worst case scenario:
Opening day lineup:
Hagelin Richards Gaborik
Kreider Anisimov Callahan
Fedotenko Stepan Yogan
Rupp Mitchell Prust

Bickel is your reserve LW, Kreider your reserve C

with luck Jesper Fasth makes this club, maybe not out of training, but a la Hagelin, during the year. Pitlick will eventually push Fasth, not immediately, but down the road.
Prior to that Casey Wellman pushes Yogan, but I think the bigger man w/better touch will prevail.

Grigrenko will also be here ASAP; when exactly, can't say, but could also be next season, a la Radulov, not too many games on the farm.

By end of the year McNeil will be ready. Maybe JT Miller also; if not, certainly the following year, but a least a cup o coffee a year from now.
That should be enough to provide the depth and freshness we don't have this year.

F Prospects I expect to begin to challenge after next year include: St. Croix, Fogarty, McColgan, Hobbs, Lindberg, McNaught and maybe Grant and Jason Miller.
I expect the rest to be pretenders

I'd try to find a spot for big John Scott a few games as 3rd pair D, a few as W.
Keep him around as healthy scratch up here, try to work on his skating/flexibility. That coupled with his size/strength, would be frightening.

with D
McDonagh MDZ
Staal Erixon
Bickel/Stralman/Eminger/maybe Wovwitka until McIrath is here
Olsen will be here before McIlrath

[If we dream small that Justin Schultz would sign here for multiple reasons, then as a guy in the 2008 entry draft I'm guessing he is also ready to step in at #6 RD]

I think the deal with Pashnin is not as much ability as he wanted top $$$. Whether he competes for lower pair or is redeployed or traded, I want something for Pashnin. I don't want him turning into another Paveltenko.

It would be nice if we could convert Stralman/Eminger/Wovwitka + X into an upgrade; anybody got any ideas?

D Prospects I expect to begin to challenge after next year include: Ceresnak and Noreau. Maybe Niemi, but I fear he's a bust. Pity there was not more to the Ivan Baranka era. One the heels of the Dowzak era!

There's room to improve: we need still more depth and at least one legit sniper. Not sure Nash is our man, or that I'd want to give up a lot for him, despite the talent.

Suter may well stay, especially with the return of Radulov. He just wants to make the point he can go elsewhere if he wants, so they better pay him, and they will. Weber, on the other hand, will probably want to go NW to Vancouver or Edmonton. Whether or not he can be rented cheaply enough for balance of one season without massive overpay (assuming Preds chose not to reinvest this asset and consume it going for it all with their own cup run), is not likely, but if nobody will pay in this situation, including Vancouver/Edmonton, we might be able to offer 'just enough'; don't bank on it, but keep an eye out.

But all in all, it's a lot to be grateful for, and we have more to go to be DOMINANT and balanced.

But we are a good chunk of the way there and I hope these, coming to fruition, would help.

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