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Originally Posted by RangerEsq View Post
The Debbies are in 6th and they scored 208 and gave up 201. If Lundqvist were replaced by another goalie who had the same GAA as Biron, we'd give up 191 (including the same number of empty nets we had this year).

We scored 213 goals, which I believe would be about the same. We'd likely play a more defensive game early on, knowing our goalie isn't great, but we'd push for more goals in later parts of the game because we'd be down in more games.

Either way, we'd score at least as many goals as the Debbies, while giving up about 10 less. Our goals for/against would be 5-20 ahead of them.

This isn't proof of anything, but it's enough to make an educated guess that the Rangers would be somewhere in that territory.

The most likely outcome for our goals for/against is +22. At a minimum, it would still be in double digit plus territory. Every single team in the East that isn't in the playoffs is in the double digit negative territory. I find it hard to believe that we'd be out of the playoffs without Lundqvist.

We would need to lose 55+ goals in the goals for/against category, and I just don't see Lundqvist being responsible for 55 goals over 77 games.
You're counting the the shootout in the GF/GA stats I'm pretty sure.

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