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Originally Posted by UncleRuckus View Post
Terrible Gainey/Gauthier era moves
- Gomez Trade - Agreed
- Signing Gionta - Wrong. Gionta is our captain and 2 25+ goals season with us.
- Signing Cammalleri - Semi wrong. Had a great start but a terrible finish.
- Screwing us that same year by not trading our assets when we could have rebuilt (all those UFA's) - Agree on some UFA's but you can't trade them all in the middle of a playoff race.
- Signing Laraque (if they even had one scout watching they would have known how brutal he was) - yet we all agreed it was a good move at the time.
- Both Kostitsyn trades were disgustingly bad -Sergei trade was bad. Andrei is still up in the air.
- David Fischer - Timmins made the pick. However if you judge draft picks you should look at the rate Habs picks make the NHL. Try again.
- Desjardins for Ramo trade (Desjardins would be an excellent, cheap backup right now) - Desjardins isn't even playing in NHL right now with ANYONE.
- Lapierre trade (trading a playoff player because the coach is a dud...) - Gauthier made the move. (Yes I know you mentionned it's both but you can't blame Gainey for moves Gauthier made on his own)
- Maxwell trade (should have just taken picks) - Maxwell really? Come on...don't pick out little things to make your post look bigger.
- Firing; Claude Julien, Vignault, Pearn - Vigneault was fired in 2001, 2 years before Gainey came on board.
- Hiring; Jacques Martin - Jacques Martin led this team to the ECF and the 2nd best season for the team since 1993.
- Signing Markov long term without at the very ****ing least giving him a reduced salary for the first year even if he was obviously injured. I think Markov will be a dominate force next season but what the hell kind of idiot GM waste's his owners money by giving a guy 5.75 Million$ on a season where you know he would miss at least 3 months of the season. Rediculous. - Gauthier move, see above. However it is still up for debate.
- Ribeiro trade for nothing or might as well have been nothing, once again no pro scouting done whatsoever. - Agreed.
- Campoli Signing, disaster, would have rather seen St-Denis all year - Again, Gauthier.
- Halak trade, what another horrible horrible horrible trade, ya Eller could be a great 3rd line center but that's it. You really don't think we couldn't have gotten a Top 1st round pick +++ for him? the more I've been reading about all these moves the angrier i've gotten lol - That's it? Eller is 22, will you relax?
- Samsonov - Meh, didn't really cost us anything.
- Streit - Agreed.
This is just to name a few, not to mention the disastrous way in which we've been developing players and all the missed opportunities to make an impact, this tandem has been not bad, terrible, just absolutely terrible. Honestly, the only thing that makes me a little happier is that Burke screwed over more than Gainey has to MTL, at least we didn't trade an Elite Centerman (Seguin), a potentially elite or very good D man (Hamilton) for Kessel, whose a good player but not Seguin good or even close
My thoughts on your post.

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