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03-30-2012, 12:35 AM
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Originally Posted by LeeIs View Post
Makes you realize 100% of sports journalists ask the same ol' over used questions and the players repeat the same old answers. It took one good journalist to ask a question they couldn't weasel out of answering, with the usual, we gotta come out stronger next game, give 110% B.S.

People often gave Howard Berger a hard time for being a ***** (which undoubtedly he was most of the time), but what I appreciated about him was that he always seemed to be the fan in the room; he always seemed to ask the questions that the fans needed answered.

Right now, we want answers.

1 - What happened?

2 - Why did this thing fall apart?

3 - What's the leadership in the room like?

At least ONE guy has gone in there to try and ask the questions that journalists SHOULD be asking

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