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03-30-2012, 12:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Tak7 View Post
You can view it like that if you like.

I'm not going to deny that it's a very convenient time to be asking those types of questions to the players.

However, no one can argue that it's the type of questions that need to be asked.

Players need to be held accountable and responsible. While losing sucks, I think most fans can accept losing the way we did after January 1st of last season - most nights we were going down with a fighting attitude. This season, it's been a no-show. The players don't deserve to be coddled and padded on the back by the media if they aren't going to deliver to the fans.

AND FINALLY SOMEONE asks the players about the fans. The $450 nuggets who sit and go through that.
Players are accountable to each other, the coaches, management and the league.

Our fans feel some sort of entitlement that the players are accountable to us. To that I say "Whatever". Fans have the right to boo the team they cheer for, to send a message about the performance of the team. But it ends there.

How would you like it if a customer of the firm you work at came in and started grilling you about your performance and blaming you for everyone else's failures? Or asking a question along the lines of: "How does it feel knowing you're going to be fired in two months?" It's not their place.

People forget that these guys are human. They go home to their families after having to deal with that sort of crap from the media. And you may say "boohoo, they're millionaires, they signed up for this." Wrong. Nobody deserves mistreatment.

This type of over-emotional reporting is too Nancy Grace-esque for my liking. It's sloppy and it's rubbish. People may get some sort of vicarious satisfaction from it but it's shoddy work, embarrassing and reeks of a reporter trying to get recognition.

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